Changed bank account after invoicing

A trusted sender informs you of a changed bank account by email after invoicing.

How the fraud works:

Potential victims receive the information “We have changed our bank account” by email combined with a request to transfer the invoice amount to the fraudster’s account. The payment recipient’s server has been compromised beforehand and thus data, e.g. about email correspondence, has been obtained. With this information, the fraudsters can send emails in the name of the payment recipient and give fake bank account details.

How can you protect yourself in this case?

  • If you receive a suspicious email, get in touch with a known contact at the recipient by telephone immediately. Do not under any circumstances use any telephone numbers detailed in the mail. Use only the contact details you already have.
  • Compare the bank account details again with your contact on the telephone. Take a record of this conversation for your own documents.

What to do if you are affected:

In the event of an incorrect transfer, recall the transfer immediately through the bank where you hold your account with notification to the recipient bank. Amounts that have already been credited are usually only very difficult to recover. Report the case to the police.

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